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Asalamalakum, Sawadeekap, Welcome to my Web site!

While I was born and raised in San Francisco California, this site will provide background on my life and work experience in Southeast Asia which has been my home for 30 years. Actually I have worked all over Southeast Asia. After spending a short time in the USA, having found that it's hard to become domesticated again after spending so much time overseas. I will also never again complain about the heat in tropical Southeast Asia after spending so much time in the deserts of the Middle East. 

Favorite Links


To keep up with current events in Southeast Asia, I prefer the following news links. If you want unfiltered news go to Black Listed News.

The weather if I can find a place that is 70F year around I am moving there.

Salem Weather Information

And my favorite city of residence.

Weather Bangkok Thailand Forecast

Pre-1974 A little information and photos taken by me while I was growing up in San Francisco.

Check out the photos of Ebil Iraq May 2007

World Incident Map Global Conflict

The above link lists conflicts, incidents worldwide and is updated every 360 seconds. This section is restricted,

E-Mail me at: John@hess.bz or mrbandot@yahoo.com

Another way I may be contacted is calling or sending a SMS to my Satellite Phone at while I am working on location:  +88-162-144-5761

The pictures below were taken in 1997. You will find more recent pictures at Paul's Page .

(+) = International calling access from the USA the number is 011: When calling while I am in Thailand use:


In the U.S.A. I may be reached at:



The stories are just some things that have happened to me over the years in no particular order. I am just putting them down as I happen to think of them and have the time to actually write them down.

I will also be adding new photos as the opportunity arises.






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