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Citadel at Night May 2007

John by boarder marker created 4,000 BCE

Downtown market modern Erbil May 2007

Erbil old and new construction in the background May 2007

Modern Erbil May 2007

Downtown market with varous drinks for sale May 2007

Need nuts? Come to Erbil may 2007

New Consturction in Erbil May 2007

Erbil hardward shops near Citadel May 2007

Taxis easily available Erbil May 2007

New apartment buildings Erbil May 2007

North Iraq Countryside May 2007

More mountains in North Iraq May 2007

Amazing spring near Iran border May 2007

Huge spring in the mountains of Iraq May 2007

Mountains of Northern Iraq May 2007

Mountains of Northern Iraq May 2007

Tourist stop North Iraq May 2007

Sheep taking over the roadway North Iraq May 2007

Erbil old city looking toward Citadel May 2007

Tractional Goat Hearding Tent North Iraq 2007

Tourist area north Iraq May 2007

Road side fuel station North Iraq May 2007

The gas attendent North Iraq May 2007

Erbil skyline at night May 2007

Another picture of the Mosque Erbil May 2007

A Kurdish boy in traditional goat dress May 2007