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Paul is now 16 years old, and in High School. Nicole is in college and doing well.

I have some photos of the kids it seems as they get older the harder it is to get recent pictures.


This is my class when I received my Purple Belt 2-21-03

This is me with my class.

Here I am sparing.

Here I am getting my Blue Belt.

I am with my Instructor Mr. Kanatz.

I am thanking my Instructor for receiving my new belt.

This is our camp site in Prineville.

I am with my friend Jenny on Prineville Lake Oregon.

I got to feed a wild deer.

Daddy with the largest catch of the trip.

My soccer team Sep 2002.

Me in mid play Sep 2002.

Our rocket takes off Oct. 2002.

The rocket picks up speed, and travels to 2,000 ft.

My big sister Nicole.

Me with my Om (Uncle) Bob on the Columbia River.

My soccer game picture taken in October 2001.

This is my 9th Birthday Party at school.

Another picture of my favorite sister Nicole.

Paul at Mall in Portland October 2006.

Nicole get new cell phone October 2006.

Nicole with her toy poodle October 2006.

Nicole in PDX Jan 2011

Paul in Oregon Jan 2011

Paul Feb 2011