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John and Doha at the Presidential Palace/ US Embassy

Presidential Palace /US Embassy

Anotrher view of the Palace / US Embassy

Pool at Presidential Palace / US Embassy

Our tent with Sand Bags in view.

My bunk while with the US Army for 30 days.

Colin Powell visits Baghdad Iraq

Water pick up at the Presidential Palace / US Embassy

Early morning, Clouds! I have been here for 3 months I have seen clouds twice.

Our compnay house in Baghdad.

Captured enemy weapons.

Ted Nugent at Camp Victory Baghdad.

Main highway in Tikrit.

Vehicle after attack in mid July.

Same vehicle side view windows shot out.

Looking for insurgents after attack mid July.

The water palace, which as it's own lake. Camp Victory Baghdad.

Automatic weapons practice Baghdad.

Location of my home in Baghdad.

Green Zone Cafe suicide bombing Oct 14 2004

Green Zone Cafe suicide bombing another view.

Bazaar suicide bombing Oct 14, 2004

Bazaar suicide bombing Big John's store Oct 14, 2004

Another view of Big John's store after suicide bombing Oct 14, 2004

Camp Danger my home while in Tikrit

Home is 100 feet off of the lake.

My Hooch from the Road!

Tigris river looking toward Tikrit.

Car 20 meters from car bomb Tikrit 24 April 2005

Victim being removed from vehicle Tikirt 24 April 2005.

Military inspects bombing area Tikrit 24-April-2005

Tank in the morning by chow hall.

A visit to Mr. Ziad's House March 2006

Getting ready to start our weekly typical Iraqi meal.

John with friends "After" the huge meal.

Citadel in Erbil May 2007

Erbil is the oldest consistantly in habited city on earth and has been inhabited for over 7,500 years.

Inside the Citadel May 2007

Bronz Star for LTC

Bronz Star Presentation for Major

Gedding Ready For Work In Red Zone

My armored BMW Tikrit Feb 2006

Lunchon at our warehouse 2005

Lunchon at our warehouse 2005

With police officers in Tikrit Aug 2005.

With police officers in Tikrit Aug 2005.