Songkran April 2004



Start of Songkran 2004 the water starts to fly.

Kung a new friend, I will get to know much better.

Good friend Annie.

Impossible to walk the streets without getting shot with water.

In Patpong all join in the fun.

Trucks of revelers roll by.

Near the battle zone of Patpong

Getting ready to attack those who drive by,

So it continues.

No traffic except for Songkran revelers.

Patpong looking toward BTS station.

More water, ice and talcum powder.

What ever passes is blessed with water even buses.

More reloading of prefered weapons.

More turcks and revelers.

Many of the trucks have ice water. Quite a shock in 100F weather.

More the better.

A cute girl that got me with talcum powder.

Even more pick ups and ice water.

More water on the street.

It gets really interesting when both are using ice water.

Cute girls in the pick up enjoying songkran.

Another truck load goes by.

You can't have enough water on Songkran.

Yet another pick up.