Songkran April 2004

Thai Beer Snacks

Insect snacks at Nana Plaza

More insect snacks.

Second photo

I would swim to this island for excercise it takes about 2 hours.

This photo shows just how far off shore that island really is.

Jolie and John at lookout on Kata Beach Apr. 2002

Jolie in BKK

Jolie at lookout Kata Beach Apr. 2002

Jolie Grand Palace in BKK

Jolie Patong Beach Phuket Apr. 2002

Long tail boat Phuket Island.

Jolie and me at Nana Plaza BKK.

Nana Plaza at night.

Nana Plaza at night 2.

Songkran Phuket Apr. 2002

Songkran Phuket Apr. 2002

Passengers have their sins washed away.

Thai Police also have their sins washed away.

Those who can ride around in pick up trucks blessing the unaware with ice water.

Motorcycle rider has his sins washed away.

The festive mood is fueled with the help of Mekon wiskey.

All out war with water.

Time for a few more drinks.

More water fight goes into high gear.

People celabrating by the truck load.

Kaos as well as water rains.

Hotel at Kata Beach a resonable 1,000 baht per night.

Islander Resturant 1.

Islander Resturant 2.

Islander owner.

Grandma, a fine cook.

Sunset Kata Beach Phuket.

Soi Cowboy Great Night Spot Bangkok

My new close friend Maithai in BKK Oct 2004.